My One-Year-Back Wish List

I am over 93% done with my service.  There is less than 50 days left.  It’s down to the bone.  For me, this is both crazy and understandable.  I have been in Thailand a long time.  Here, I have tasted some of the best pineapples and mangos ever.  The festivals, such as Loi Gratong and the Dansai Ghost festival, have been amazing cultural experiences.  Temperatures such as -5 F or -20 Celsius seem unimaginable.  But I have also missed the US and the US experiences.  Throughout my service, I have jotted down the random things I was missing.  Now is a good time to publish the list.  My goal to do/eat/achieve/complete every bullet point within a year after I get back.  You could call it my One-Year-Back Wish List.  IMPORTANT:  If you have enjoyed my blog, at all, please help me achieve my goals.  Friends and family are who I want to share these experiences with.

  • Go horseback riding
  • Go on a date
  • Go sledding (I feel cheated out of my yearly intake of snow)
  • Eat blueberries, strawberries and raspberries
  • Visit renaissance fair
  • Catch lightning bugs
  • Go to the state fair!
  • Eat pumpkin pie
  • Eat pumpkin bread
  • Carve jack-o-lanterns for Halloween
  • Drink real, hot apple cider
  • Have dinner at an authentic Mexican restaurant
  • Order pizza and eat it while watching a football game (American college football, not soccer)
  • Go to a haunted house
  • Go and get a REAL Christmas Tree
  • Make gingerbread houses
  • Roast marshmallows and make somemores
  • Assemble a 1000+ piece jigsaw puzzle
  • Have a girls night that ends in a trip to IHOP
  • Attend a wedding with good dance music at the reception

(Note: These are not in any order of importance, except for horseback riding.  I REALLY want to go horseback riding)


One thought on “My One-Year-Back Wish List

  1. You can put me down for:
    • State Fair (let’s go on my birthday!)
    • drink hot apple cider (Nov)
    • 1000 jigsaw puzzle, I have one waiting and didn’t want to tackle it alone!

    P.S. You can stay with me anytime you need to be in DSM!

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