The American Women’s Club English Camp

In November, I partook in the American’s Women’s Club English Camp, as mentioned in my previous post.  I was a group leader of 19 students who I led around to different English learning activities, such as English jeopardy, spelling, hangman, etc.  The camp  had many fun and inspirational moments.  One particular moment stands out. 

At the beginning, when I was first assigned my girls, a Thai teacher (she helped organize the camp) pulled me aside to confide in me that  one of the girl’s mother had just hung herself a month ago .  The Thai teacher didn’t think it would be good if the girl attended the hangman station.    Good thing I wasn’t going to that station the first day!  I later discussed the situation with the main person in charge, and we decided to change the game to “Build a Man”. 

You would have never been able to guess that she had recently suffered such a tragedy.  She was the first one to answer the questions.  She had such a smile  and her enthusiasm just blossomed throughout the weekend.   Sure, she was a bit shy at the beginning, but so is every other Thai student.  By the end, she was practicing her English with me outside when we were just walking to the classes (That’s enormous for Thais).    I think a lot of times we don’t know what is going on underneath in people’s lives. 

What got me is after the closing ceremony, she came up to me and gave me a huge hug (As I have mentioned before, getting hugs from Thais is really rare and therefore has much more significance.) and she told me that that she would miss me.   Her face was shining.  Just knowing that I was able to add a little bit of light to her life…amazing.  


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