So it’s been awhile…

So I have been away from my blog for a while.  That is the truth.  At first, there seemed to be nothing important to blog about, and then everything was happening at once.  I guess that is the way life goes.  Here is a summary of the past few months. 

October:  During this month the schools are on break, “bit term”.  My schedule went from busy to very not busy.  Many  volunteers use this time to long vacations (Especially if are teaching in the school).  Instead, I used this time to revise my resume, contact references, and looking for jobs.  It was a productive use of the break.  The last week I took a short, 4 day vacation to Krabi.  Every day was paradise.  Highlights included watching people climb up limestone cliffs and jump into the ocean, rock climbing to the lookout point, and watching the postcard perfect sunsets on the beach. 

November: I think I was a bit over busy this month.  I resumed teaching math, English, and participating in after school activities.  In addition, it seemed that every weekend I had something going on which I had to travel a couple hours on a bus to reach .  I was so busy I actually got sick one of the weeks.  Highlights of this month included the helping with the American Women’s English Camp, the Thai festival Loi Gratong and celebrating Thanksgiving in Bangkok with other volunteers.  The month cumulated in the Peace Corps Close of Service Conference.

December: This month was not as busy travel wise as November but just as busy nonetheless.  First, I had to finalize some job stuff.  Second, I was in charge of organizing the Thai Youth Theater (TYT) group at my high school.  We will go to and perform at the Thai Youth Theater Festival at the end of February.   It’s a lot of work, but I think it is going really well.  (There will be a future blog post describing TYT in greater detail).   Finally, my friend, Maureen, was coming all the way from America during the National Thai holiday at the end of the month to visit me.  I wanted to make sure she had a good time so I planned everything out.  We adventured through Khao Sok National Park.  Highlights for this month included being told that it takes a really special type of person to complete Peace Corps in a job interview, putting my drama skills to work in all my TYT practices, Christmas with a Thai family, visiting an awesome cave, and going on this gorgeous, turquoise lake in Khao Sok with limestone formation shooting up everywhere (some 960 meters tall!) and you feel like a pirate ship might come sailing out from hiding around the next formation so you are singing the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song in your head. 

I think you are all caught up now.  My next blog posts will be some stories for this time period and reflections.


One thought on “So it’s been awhile…

  1. Yo Amy, thanks for the email, It is really cold here, temperature alone will be minus 14 F degrees which is minus 24C. see what happens when you tell your Thai friends 24 below! Winds will make it minus 35 C wind chill which is probably a concepts lost on the Thais.

    Say, Alex and Peter will be going back to college next Saturday, Jan. 11. Peter’s birthday is Friday Jan. 10. Maybe we could Skype Friday night Iowa time which is Sat. morning Thai time. what do you think? Love, Dad

    From: Amy Williams in Thailand To: Sent: Sunday, January 05, 2014 8:12 AM Subject: [New post] So it’s been awhile…

    amywilliamsinthailand posted: “So I have been away from my blog for a while. That is the truth. At first, there seemed to be nothing important to blog about, and then everything was happening at once. I guess that is the way life goes. Here is a summary of the past few months. Octo”

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