The start of something new: First couple days

This last week has been a whirlwind!
Last Monday morning was the Swearing In Ceremony. It was good, but not what I was expecting. It started at 8 and a few people talked, as a group we raised our right hands and said the oath, and bam! We are official Peace Corps Volunteers. After that, endless amounts of pictures were taken, a few tears shed by some other people. Now our counterpart (aka future boss at site) came because right after the lunch we flew into the counterpart conference. The main objective here was to get our bosses on the same level as Peace Corps and to map out an initial plan for work. The conference lasted 2 and a half days…they were bittersweet because I knew I wouldn’t see my new Peace Corps friends for probably four months.
On Wednesday around noon, a group of 5 people I would be working with drove down and picked me up. One thing I was surprised at is how many stops we took to buy little snacks. I am used to going the whole way without stopping…you can get there much faster. But then again, I guess there wasn’t much of a rush.
Next day was work. I am actually surprised at how well it went. The staff at my Tesaban is very friendly and welcoming. They take me out to lunch, ask me questions, show me around the town and help me with my Tai.
Saturday went ok. I didn’t really accomplish as much as I would have liked. (I would advise any person not to start the Hunger Games unless you have a good 48 hours to burn.)
Sunday, ready for a brand new week! Bring it on!


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