My life over the past two weeks

Tomorrow is the big day…the day I will find out where I am going to live for the next two years! In truth, I can’t believe it is already here. These past couple weeks have flown bye! Here is a summary of what has been going on.

February 5-Febebrurary 11
This week was big week and jammed pack. It marked our halfway point for pre-service training and culminated in our “mock language proficiency” interview/progress interview. You see, to qualify as a Peace Corps Volunteer you have to have to reach a certain level of language proficiency (Mine is intermediate-low). It was just like any other interview, expect the questions were all about what I liked to eat, my family, and what I did at what time. All in all, the Peace Corps Staff ended up saying I should qualify.
In the beginning half of the week, I also learned about agriculture in Thailand and the role it could possibly play in my job. I prepared questions to ask a Thai farmer and interviewed a rice farmer. It was interesting hearing his perspective and comparing it to farmers back in the US. For instance in this part of Thailand, corn is harvested three times. However, the net income per harvest is substantially lower than I would have guessed. One metric ton of rice is worth about $485.
The second half of the week, I practiced teaching English to a technical school. I was in a group of 4 teachers there were 8 students. We taught greetings, occupation, and food over a two day period. It was fun, and I definitely felt more confident in this exercise than some other ones.

February 12-February 18
Sunday, I went to the 100 Years Market. It was huge, old and sold about anything and everything—I really liked it!
The week was spent getting ready for the language/life skills camp our whole group was putting on. The point here was to introduce some English vocabulary while teaching the kids a life skill. The camp was on Thursday, and there were 200 4th and 5th graders who attended. Surprisingly, at least to some, it was a major success! There were 5 different activity centers, mine was the “Healthy Livestyles”. We focused on healthy and unhealthy with phrases such as “Eating Fruits is healthy” or “Smoking is unhealthy.” By the end of our session the kids would be screaming those phrases at the top of their lungs. It was a lot of fun, and hopefully the kids remember some of what we taught them.
Saturday was field trip day for the volunteers. We went to a couple wats and museum. But the only major thing worth noting here is I saw a shadow puppet show where the shadow puppets were about as big as third graders…Cool!


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