Life Outside of Lessons

Now, first it should be noted that life outside of lessons is makes up only a small fraction of most of my day. Every day my alarm goes off at 6:00 (Yes, even on weekends!) I try to get out of bed by 6:15—that can be a struggle some days (especially Mondays) since the sun is not out until 6:30. This is the time I wish I lived farther South of the equator. However, once I am out of bed, I am good for the whole day. Before breakfast, I go out to the main road with my host sister to offer food to the Buddhist monks. The monks buy no food and relay totally on alms. Then I eat breakfast (usually rice) and it is off to training.
By the time I return from training, I am usually a sweaty mess. Biking 8 kilometers a day in 90+ degrees with no air-conditioning your site has a great effect on your amount of perspiration. Pretty much doing anything outside in Thailand makes you sweat—especially just standing. No matter, the first thing I do when I get home (or maybe after a banana or two) is go up and take a shower. It is GLORIOUS! I have a running shower with cold water. One of my favorite times of day has consistently been right after I get out of the shower and am all clean. The feeling is short lived, however, because I need to shower myself with bug spray before dinner. The yung (mosquitos) at my house are really bad, especially just after dusk. And, the table that I eat at seems to be the mosquito metropolitan of the house. It is not uncommon for me to get at least three mosquito bites at dinner. Now, one mosquito bite hardly bothers me anymore; it is when I get three at one time in a concentrated area where it becomes the most annoying. The mosquitos are not so bitey when the host mom lights an anti-mosquito smoke thing, which looks like a stove burner. Nonetheless, they are bad and the main reason I leave soon after I finished dinner. I go up to my room to practice my Thai vocabulary with my host sister. Then, it is off to bed. The time here is usually between 7:30 and 8. My host sister goes to bed early (in my terms at least), so I do too.
Saturdays there is always a special activity planned. This past Saturday was Sports Day, kinda like Wacky Olympics/Senior Activity day. I was on the Orange team… we even had a special cheer. The whole point of this day was to introduce us to Thai sports, and have fun. The first game we played was translated as “Chair ball” It was the most fun game of the whole day. It was similar to basketball, but more fun –at least in my opinion. On person from your team stood on a chair and held a basket, they could move around just as long as they kept on the chair. There is a defender from the opposite in a half circle around the chair (it looked like a three court line). Their job was to smack the ball down from getting in the basket. There were five people on each team trying to shoot the ball in the basket, pretty much basketball. The only other big difference from basketball is once you had the ball you had to pass it—like ultimate Frisbee. It was SUPER fun, and I hope I can play it again in the states. Next was a sport I would consider a cross between hacky sack and volleyball. The ball look like a whiffle ball and you had to use your feet to get it over the net. I wasn’t extremely good at this one. The final sport was botchy ball, but after the other two, this was just ok. The day ended with a huge relay race—my job was to balance a ping pong ball on chopsticks and walk a certain distance. Others had to chug the Coke or do a three person race. After that, a bunch of people played soccer. I love soccer! I am glad that I like the one sport that is extremely popular all around the world and you can play practically anywhere.
Saturday afternoons, I have usually just chilled and hung out with the other Peace Corps volunteers.
Sunday is free day, which means writing emails and blogs, doing laundry, plus some fun activity. Today I went to see a huge, lying, gold Budda that was the length of a football field. Cool!


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