Where I live and what its like

I live in Singburi which is about two hours and 30 minutes north of Bangkok.  Think of that as like the state.  Now the city I live in is called Banglajan.  Banglajan is divided up into four different districts.  The district my host family and I live in is called Chong Pong Gai.  Think of it as micro Des Moines with Urbandale, Walkee, ect each their own district.  Every morning, except Monday, we have language training.  Now, for the language training, the Peace Corps has decided that people learn best in small groups. Therefore, there are only three other people in my language class.  We meet at my house, which is nice.  The language class is for three hours with a “learning by doing” teaching approach.   For instance, yesterday when we were learning places and how to ask where a person was going, we stuck pictures of places (school, hospital, bathroom, market, ect) around the room and walked to each place saying where we were going.  I think it is working very well.   After language training that, I bike about 4 kilometers to get to the Tambon. A tambon is equivalent to the city hall, and this is where we have our general training and technical training (CBOD=community development training and TCCO=teaching English training).  In the CBOD training there are about 22 people.  It was very helpful this week because a current volunteer whose term ends in March was there.  She told us what her role was in community development and what she did throughout her term.  By the time that is over, it is about 5 pm and I bike home.   The road I take the side road that has many rice fields on either sides and a few corn fields (however, nothing compared to Iowa corn fields.)  There are also many stalls that are selling some type of food.   Surprisingly, I have not had that bad of reaction to the food.  It is usually rice (Cow-rising tone) or noodles with some mixture of pork, eggs and vegetables.  All of the fruit is spectacular here.  The bananas don’t even taste like bananas, just mushy sweet, goodness.  The oranges and pineapple are also exquisite.  One thing I was surprised about, concerning food, is that the Thais actually have very good snacks.  There is this Chinese sweet roll that tastes like a mini glazed doughnut and there are little cookies.   They even have Oreos!–I haven’t gotten any though.    

All in all, life is pretty good right now.


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